Follow the click in my ear

This is a lyric from “Come Hang Out” by AJR.

The year is coming to a close and people are now leaving, this is sad but it means that we are moving on with our lives. First year in college is a lot to consume. Most people leave home for the first time, for me I had left several times for several months before coming college. Camp has taught everything that life needs. Starting out this way I see a huge difference in the people and actions that are leaving for the first time, alcohol poisoning is on the extreme end of the scale but a sad ending to the night for a lot of newbies.

Newbies are somebody’s babies so help them out, be their friend.

The biggest growth in a person, as far as I’ve seen, has been freshman year. It’s a life changer and its what you make of it. Some chose to lay low so then their next four years are likely to be the same. If you expand your circle, it will follow you. Next year the freshmen of 2017 are going to be living off campus meaning that seeing some people will need to involve effort. It’s not like in the dorms, when you wake up at anytime of the night expecting somebody to be up, and eating with the people you wake up with.

The people that you interact with set the standard for your year and the way that you let it play out.

Finding your people is key and by the closing of this school year, I can say that I have found my people. They mean everything to me and we do everything together. I have a hard time with memories so I have no recollection of meeting them but they do, and that’s mostly how our relationship goes. Something that we did, that we met through must have been fate. I believe that we are meant to be where we journey to and that place is where I met my people.

Something in me, let me know that I needed to meet these people and I did, Trinity Hall brought us to that point in such a way of fate. Little things that we do, click in our head and allow us to make decisions, these decisions changed my life.

The epitome of college




Last night we opened wine bottles and shared memories that led us to each other. It was the clarifying moment that I knew these were my people. The fact that we can open up to each other shows so much. These are the people that I see sharing life moments with. The click in my ear brought me to them, so I highly recommend following it.


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