Life is what you make of it.

You only make the friends that you are willing to hang out with.

You only see the sights that you go to.

You make the life out of what you have, but only if you are willing to.

Living here by myself for a week today, I have realized one thing. Life is what I make of it. Nobody is here to make plans and change my plans so I want to do something then it is my responsibility to make it happen. I like the freedom but it also applies when other people are around, if you are lazy and don’t do something with the people around then you aren’t going to make experiences.

I have joined a yoga studio, which I love and have been attending classes everyday sometimes twice a day. That is my place to workout and make a life out of it. I love yoga and the positive effects on my life that it has had.

Starting senior year I went to a yoga class every Sunday no matter what I had done the night before. It was a way to sober up sometimes but it was also a workout that had incredible effects on my body and I saw them. I need that stability here, that something to do.

The beach was a frequent visit for me last weekend before I had joined the studio. I would plan out in my head to go do homework on the beach and I would do it. My plans used to change so much and that sometimes meant letting people down but now when I plan on doing something it is only my decision, and I like that.

I parked my car at Pirate’s Cove with the trunk facing the ocean and I spent hours there doing homework and filling out applications. It was my plan and my plan to change.


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