Find a match.

Not necessarily romantically.

Building the resume is hard because small side jobs can suck. People are not nice to sales people, job servers, and people trying to make a little money. We don’t want to help you try on a belt just as much as you don’t want to tell why you need the extra cheese on your eggs. We like things the way we want and that shouldn’t need to be explained or negotiated.

As a sales person for a small business it is key to get all up in your face and find out why you are shopping. Most of the time that opens up a whole flood of conversations and ends up helping find exactly what you want. But there are the few that do not want to be bothered and are just there for the in-and-out experience.

There are three types of people in the shopping world: 1. people who share everything and often end up with a great day and a personalized wardrobe, 2. the in-and-out shoppers that can find what they want but often will end up not shopping for a long time after that, and then 3. the one stop shop, the ones who can’t last more than one store. Which one are you?

Over the years you need to find a partner in crime shopper because if the three mix and match it will not end well for anybody.

Shopping with my sister a #3 is does not end well ever. She goes in to one store looking for what she specifically wants and then needs to leave. She does not want to pick clothes out and try on, she wants to leave once she has skimmed over the selection with shopping goggles on.

A #2 is ok to shop with if they have had there satisfactory coffee for the day and has been fed. They will most likely last a few stores, try on one or two clothes on and then feels the pull to leave.

1’s are my best friends, they can last as much time as needed and feel satisfied with browsing through every store on the block and spent a good amount of money.

It goes the same for restaurant goers. They are often on the same scale as the shoppers. 1.The taste testers that want to venture into a new food group and spend hours there getting to know the opinions of the waiter, 2. The in-and-out that finds what they want and then just leaves, and the worst restaurant goers that even the waiters hate 3. enters a restaurant expecting them to have exactly what they want and if not then they want to leave right away.

My sister is a #3 in restaurants also, she once went into a thai restaurant expecting kung pao chicken. If you have been to a true thai restaurant or even heard of it you should know that that just isn’t right. They don’t have that and you shouldn’t expect it. They often have a simple menu and you shouldn’t expect anything different.

#1’s are fun restaurant goers and often need to have a lot of money in order to be a 1. My uncle is a 1 and the signs are often: actually listening to the specials and considering them, getting to know the waiters opinion, and keeping a menu at the table “just in case.” They are good company if you have time, patience, and money to satisfy their restaurant needs.

I suggest you find your match or every time you eat out, it could be painful for one of you.

Featured image by Susanne Nilsson (Creative Commons, Flickr).


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