Mix it up.

A time to be away is important, but since January? That’s reaching past due. That’s nearly 8 months, I am used to the 3 months tops away and that has never been a problem. These 8 months haven’t felt that weird being away. Vegas is my hometown but I don’t mind not visiting. I have moved past my past.

Talking to people who go home often because they miss it does not change my opinion. I really do not mind being away. I love change, to a point, and for my mom and dad that is not a favored phrase.

I have seen my parents and friends since I have been gone so it isn’t the people it is the place. Location is everything but for living it doesn’t matter all that much to me. The importance is what I am doing. I am living my life away from my past. If an opportunity expresses itself to move away, take it. A place will always be there to revisit but the experiences come with you.

I decided at some point in the school year that I was going to stay in San Luis Obispo and take a class at the community college. I have no recollection of when that happened or really why I chose to do so. The only recollection I have is when I told my mom that I was staying and that I find interesting to see that I went with it. I look at that as fate. My mind decided something that I didn’t know I wanted.

My mind led the way and I went with it, full speed.

Let somebody else take the wheel every once in a while, even if it is your subconscious. There is a difference between impulsive and going with the flow.

If a job asked me to live in a weird place, such as Tennessee then I might have to think about it but it could be worth it. Just go with it, do something that can alter your life in a good way or just a changed up way.

Tennessee was a bad example because who wants to live there? Plus as a journalist who is concerned with that state? There isn’t anything there journal about or experience so that would be a hard change that would not end well for somebody who is used to living in Vegas with everything happening all the time around you.

A city, that is where this girl wants to end up.

It works for the job, a journalist or marketer, and that should be where I venture too. Looking for a job is the other part of this adventure. That is what is going to lead the rest of my life and I think I am ready for it.

Or at least I will be in the next three years…

Featured image photo by reynermedia (Creative Commons, Flickr).


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