Make a date.

Has the dating life changed too much?

Do guys no longer ask out random strangers they meet at coffee shops or at the store anymore? The culture is so different, we go so many places now that when we meet somebody we think is cute somewhere we don’t go for it anymore.

Our interactions have changed so much and have multiplied by so much that we don’t put much effort into getting to know people we do come in contact with.

Yesterday a cute guy was sitting next to me and another girl at the coffee shop, we made eye contact as I approached to sit but never spoke a word.

Have we lost the spark of meeting people outside of our little circles?

If we don’t have any correlation with them or their friends we do not associate with them. I ran into a guy that hung out a few times in my dorm building last year and he asked me out. We had a short connection and went off of that, but never with people we have nothing in common with going into the conversation.

Talking to people who grew up in the 90’s, they dated a lot more people. It was common for a girl to not have food in her fridge so she would find a date for the night. The only food in my fridge is chips, salsa and some leftover pizza but I don’t have dates for the night. If I grew up in a different time would I eat better?

Watching shows from the 90s and a remake of the 70s the characters date. They date a lot. They get to know the people in the city.

An older lady just walked by me while I’m waiting for my car service and she sparked up a conversation. She grew up during a time where you spoke to the people we passed by and made those connections. It’s nice to talk to people. You need those spontaneous meetings in your life. They make the day more lively.

There are a lot more people in the world which should mean that we have many more people to talk to but we don’t branch out. We stick to what we know.

Make a friend or a date and see what could happen.

Featured image by Yuri Levchenko (Creative Commons, Flickr).



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