The times are indeed different.

Older people have such a different view of the world.

They have found their own rules by now which they break whenever they please because they have lived and seen all that the world has to offer them.

Each generation grew up in such a different light.

Clothes, food, way of life, different way of growing up with parents. Each generation has a different parenting style due to the times that they themselves grew up in and now choose to share with their kids.

Each generation has gone through such a shock of events in their lives, it is tough to name all but even a few. The great grandparents of this generation went through the WWI, the grandparents grew up with the aftermath of that in the Great Depression, WWII, and desegregation, several wars and deaths due to changes in discoveries and hardships with violence, and the 90’s generation started with the recession, terrorist attacks, some of the worst natural disasters, and now a possible war with North Korea. This is shocking to hear even just a few of the biggest news events but as the generations go on, they experience all of these and prepare for war.

The world gets together during discovery and for positive turning points but even more in hardships.

Times were different back then and will continue to change drastically forever.

People did less in a day generations ago but was their time more valuable then? They took the time to go somewhere and do something with the people they chose to spend their time with. If you wanted to meet up with someone you made a set plan days ago and stuck with it. Making an effort was the most normal thing they did.

I’m sitting here waiting for my car service and playing on my phone. If I were here 50 years ago I wouldn’t have a car at my age, if I didn’t I would be fixing it myself or having a small car shop on the side of the road fix it.

My dad is driving to a different state right now and that is just going to be his weekend. If people did that back then it was a big ordeal and all the neighbors knew they were leaving for a while. It wasn’t as easy to take off for a time but when they did, it was worth it.

In 1969 people packed up a few things and went to Woodstock for 4 or 5 days. They didn’t care that they didn’t have enough clothes or food for those days, they made it work because it was an adventure and a sight to see.

If they stayed longer it was because they were spending time together and experiencing history. Woodstock attendees met and made memories together including leaving their cars on the road and coming back nearly a week later.

If we had a music festival like Woodstock now we would have health, safety, police violations. Their are so many rules now, we aren’t living our lives like people used too.

The times are changing so often now but the styles back at the time of Woodstock are coming back and so should the stories and memories.

If somebody was looking for you they would go to your normal places. Now a days people go so many places a day that we would not be able to ever find each other. We would loose so many relationships without phone communication. I don’t even know my brothers phone number. I know everybody else in my family but not his.

The number of faces we pass in our day is extensive and we should look up, listen to each other, learn from a different generation and make memories that will last a lifetime. Times are changing but we can still listen to the stories. People don’t do that enough.

Featured image by GavinLi titled HitchHikers (Creative Commons, Flickr).


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